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Our Story

Dulcet Patisserie is founded in 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia, by two sisters, Karina Mecca and Keshia Deisra. Karina, as the brand and marketing director. Keshia, as the pastry chef and managing director. Together, we craft every single of Dulcet's products with heart. We take care of it and consider it not as just some pretty and delicious cakes, but as an art to be praised. We want to be in every your occasions, whether it's for the lovebirds along with the love note, for a birthday celebration, or just to be enjoyed with your loved ones. We want to be present in your special moments, in a picture with your smile, and attached in your story for a lifetime.

A little note from our kitchen

We can make the fancier ones. Glossier, with edible gold, posh colors, and flavors not all people can pronounce. I can name it Banane Cacahuete au Beurre Petit Gateau instead of Banana Peanut Butter Cupcake. But that's the point. That's what people love from Dulcet. They love how we present our products like it comes from the real heaven to the real world. They love how it tastes like it comes from the little, warm kitchen - instead of bright, white, big kitchen. They love how two layers are just enough, how these two layers already satisfied their cravings and more than that, two layers seem perfect. They love how the almond flakes come in whole and broken ones, because that's the beauty of imperfection. They love when our crews knock on their doors with a blue box in their hands, like finally meeting something they've been waiting all along. Their eyes spark with enthusiasm, they open the box with great anticipation, and when their mouths taste it, their hearts burst with happiness. An indescribable one. And that's the point of it all. The satisfaction we aim since the first time we measure our flour. We want our customers to be happy, as simple as that. We want them to say, "This is good. This is worth it.". We want them to think they want it again. Forever in their lives, to be in their casual and special moments. And at last, we want them to know, that the cakes they eat come from a home kitchen with people who work with their hearts fully dedicated to their job. So you can eat it while knowing there are love, passion, and dedication in the making of these cakes. Dulcet is your home too, it is the home of mindful indulgence. Never overwhelming, or intimidating. Just pure pleasure. The right, perfect one.